Fresh biscuits at the factory … Now only a memory …

Parle G Factory at Vile Parle is shutting down after 87 years and all I wish is can I again once go back and feel the place and eat those fresh biscuits ?

Memories are beautiful moments cherished … But only to know they are gone … 

Rewinding back to the 4th grade , I had my visit to this factory from school . We were an excited bunch of kids too eager to just have some fresh hot biscuits .

As we entered , we were welcomed by the fresh Vanilla and hot aroma of the flour … You feel a connection with the biscuits , such a simple cheap biscuit but the most gorgeous to satiate your taste buds and set your heart rolling …

As we entered the factory , it was so beautiful , so organised and huge machines working .

It was a beautiful transformation of simple flour to hot biscuits …

And yeah they had many more to them like hide and seek , and new chocolates and Milano …

But oh ! Parle g is just the most beautiful association with the factory Parle …

Vile Parle is incomplete without “Parle” …

When will I be able to see you?

When will you welcome me with your breathtaking aroma and a tray full of hot biscuits ?

When will I be able to relive those gorgeous childhood memories ?

When will I be able to my kiddies over there for some fresh biscuits ?

Oh Parle g factory ,,, you shall be missed!

After all the most simple food touches the heart deep down … Chai and Parle ..

After all memories is all you can save … The hot fresh soothing aroma amidst the chaotic Mumbai …

Oh ! You shall be missed ….

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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