Sunday Funday & brunching 

This beautiful weather calls for a getaway! What’s better than an elaborate Sunday brunch by the poolside? Della cafe is the place to go. Gorge on some sumptuous food and set your #tastebuds rolling with an appetite you’d crave for more. ​​To start with , you had two soups -so warm and delicious.

The beautifully and colourfully presented salads will make you smile rather than frown, each one is healthy yet tasty. From puri with salads to oriental salad to boiled wheat pasta with veggies , they had it all. Fruit lovers had their gorgeous fruit martini to binge on. Oh the breads! What do I even say? Atleast 12 different kinds from pesto to spicy to natural soft to so beautifully presented like a basket of flowers , all make you go gaga . The chef was constantly guiding to try the dips on which had hummus and tahini and some unique ones .

The main course – where do I start ? Indian breads to dal makhani to Thai curry to what not . Pizza and pasta live counter 😍 and if all of it was not enough then you have the oriental live counter for all the barbecue lovers . From chole to rolls to roast cottage cheese to everything was right there .

And oh my favourite the desserts – 10 Indian sweets from rasgulla to peda to barfi . Bakedcheesecake , the French choux , five kinds of chocolate , juices , pastries , tiramisu , cupcakes , jelly and ice creams ! And they had mocktails too being served which could be chosen from the menu , they had amazing refresher with the food like kiwi Apple lime !

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By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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