Food & Humans 

It’s raining restaurants and cafes in Mumbai ! With food lovers increasing , experiment and innovation becoming a focus , ambience becoming amusement , food business has sprung in. And oh! Not to forget the snapchat post & instagram picture & facebook check in which according to many reveal how you are . So all of us love new stuff , innovative molecular gastronomy , a gorgeous ambience to please your eye sight . But after all the hours of dress up and traffic and photo clicking & fine crockery , you are kind of tired yet happy when you come home . 

But then there is some food , which is so simple , so ordinary , so old , no ambience , no fancy cutlery but yet touches your heart like no other , yet gives you joy . 

It makes your heart dance .

Something like sitting at home in your pajamas and ordering in your favourite pizza 

Or just going back to school , reminiscing your old school days and eating the Rs15 vada Pav in your canteen 

I am a blogger so yes I do snapchat all my food and Instagram it and put my review on zomato and in here too . 

And I love love love new places and innovation and fascination and all of those words and dishes . 

But the most relishing experience is when you are with the ones who you love . That’s what makes it memorable , that’s what makes the outing so beautiful . 

A new page written in your story . 

After all , when we share dishes , love increases ! When we all pounce on the dish , it just gets crazy . When we just hog on a chocolate to make ourselves happy 

And not to forget the #merimaggi and #cokenights . 

It’s these little things , food just brings all of us closer .

 Real pleasure lies in simple things . It’s not too far to find . 

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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