The journey of a new blogger

Adrenaline Rush . Explore the unexplored . Gorge on different cuisines & innovative new food dishes . Travel the world . Many of us dream of this or atleast wish one of these . Even I was one of them . Being an ordinary girl on pocket money allowance , thought of this as far fetched . But every time I went to a restaurant , it was not just food served on the plate , it was so much more . I would look at it from presentation skills to decor of the place to the flavour blend to actually talking with the manager or the chef what makes it unique . Whenever I have travelled , it’s like being so close to YOU , just YOU and connecting yourself to the beauty of another place or people . Its like being ALIVE to each moment .  I have been lucky enough to have explored so much at this age , have met so many new people & having tried major sorts of cuisines . When I started , it was just for fun , clicking pictures on snapchat and uploading them on Instagram , but when I did that I had a sheer joy , and I actually put my heart into every post from the content to the upload . So with some friends pushing me , I started blogging and began a page on Instagram . Yeah probably I had been to many places and explored in my circle of known people , but I realised that I was so timid in the world of food and travel . There were experienced people , having better pictures , creating some amazing content and well established with good followers base and contacts in that industry . It was tough , it was like marketing your own self , putting yourself out bare in the battlefield where you have to establish yourself right from the scratch as the outer world doesn’t know you . Whatsapping all friends to follow to Facebook uploads did it all , but still it gets you there in the known circle . What next ? It was tough , but then gradually slowly people start appreciating your work . Yes you are probably far behind the biggies , but then you are a step ahead then what YOU were yesterday . The little messages , the little support and love is the reward & though it’s non monetary , for some reason it is overwhelming . I do someday wish to make this as my job , commercialise it but it’s farfetched from now . For now I do it like a hobby as each place and dish intrigues me like none other , it may sound funny but it’s like they talk to my soul !And I am pursuing CA . ( surprised much?)

You have more power than you know , be unstoppable . Human brain is a magician , you don’t know how much it can store & create and work with the wand of the heart . Just don’t give up what you love or your passion inspite of roadblocks like exams or a stable career or just not having enough faith in you . You can pursue what you love with your career and yes not neglect it .

I have still been wanting to learn different dances , baking , start my own creatives , learn psychology , someday write a book , become a travel show host and so much more . Yeah it may sound boring or too away from the mundane . The three trending words FOMO JOMO & YOLO ( fear of missing out , joy of missing out and you only live once ) keep the spark alive in me and I am trying to balance that equation.

” I am walking . I haven’t reached the destination . But I am still walking . Enjoying the journey , jumping over the roadblocks . I am still walking . ”

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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