The Oldest Dhabha in Dadar is all New and revamped


Pritam Restaurant , a place often resonated with Dadar’s old dhabha .

And now it’s revamped. The ac section is all poise with subtle lights, marble tables and sofas .

I was hoping that the taste of the food doesn’t change. And it didn’t. They have new additions too.


I had the galouti Kebab . I know it’s non vegetarians favorite . But even the vegetarian was outstanding . It was soft and succulent.

Next up I had paneer tikka . I would call it staple and simple .
The food is just so simple and authentic and that’s the best part.


I had lassi to go with which was good.


Then had masala Papad where they have used feta as incorporation.


For main course, had paneer makhanwala, dal Makhani and garlic naan . Simple wholesome food.


And desserts were gulab jaamun, Kulfi Rabdi . Both were simple Delish .

So overall the place is good for a family outing to gorge onto authentic punjabi food


Funky and Chill, Welcome to Sobos newest place : The Urban Foundry

The Urban Foundry is the newest addition to go and chill , dine , dance or just be in Colaba. As the name suggests, the mechanics game of this place is strong . Confused much? They have lot of inspiration from machinery and mechanics. Let me break down the technicalities for you . The fork and spoon also have screwdriver and tools as inspiration. Now let me tell you, what impressed me. It’s the menu. Very elaborate thought out drinks menu and good insightful food menu . From being like a typical nerdy engineer diagrams and anatomy break downs, the menu has lot of elements to it .

Enough of blabber . Let’s get to business.

The menu has drinks like “Do the can can” where there are lot of fruity drinks and all inspired .
Community binging is where you all can share a drink for 650-750 with taxes .

For cocktails, I had the Knuckle up . The glass was fancy . It has lemongrass pomegranate and vodka and was nice !
Now let’s get to the food, they have Hindi + English names and kind of difficult to read . But that means you pay more attention.

I had the japani 6 inch pizzas which is basically Japanese style pizzas .
Roasted red capsicum & mushroom truffle pizza . I found it okay as I am really less fond of Truffle oil .

Next up, loved the spinach dimsums completely .

The flavours of my next appetiser “paneer chilly gyoza” were strong and tasty.


I also had the olive Feta kulcha . It’s different in its own way. Also do have it with the chutney they serve.

For main course aka what they call the
The large thermodynamics

I tried Indian :

Paneer makhanwala with garlic naan :
Simple soul food and good flavours .

For Asian I had the Sichuan Tofu . The Tofu was extremely soft and the Sichuan had the right flavours !

And what excited me the most was desserts.
They had Beer A misu which was tiramisu with beer and motichoor sushi!

I tried samundar ka moti which was a chocolate ball and they put alcohol on top . What I liked about this dish was the pistachio ganache that they had used inside

Next I loved the gajar ka halwa frozen kulfi . The combination was great .

Overall loved the place . The wooden decora, the appeal to all kinds of people : dance then you have dancing space , eat then seating place, by the bar tables and private dining rooms making it good huh to chill or rave !


Instagram worthy food & drinks at the new bandra cafe : Scribble Stories


Scribble Stories is the newest place opened in the lane of not so any more list of hidden joints opposite Lilavati Reclamation.

Scribble Stories has a simple nice décor to it like a café should be. Wooden furniture takes over with hints of mint green color here and there.

I loved the place for the simple reason – FOOD.

Food has to be good for me to take back.  Chef Nester has done a great job by keeping it authentic .

Presentation is bang on. There is no use of extra equipment or smoke or fire coming here and there, something which I am not so fond of as it only looks good but many times doesn’t taste good.

Presentation here is using simple ingredients and it all makes it Instagram worthy completely. Every dish is pretty look and pretty good in its taste.

Beginning with the glitterati cappuccino, it looks all shimmery and cute but tastes just like normal cappuccino.

Next up my macarons, I absolutely loved the raspberry one. Also the macarons have a galaxy presentation.

Next up I had the Lebanese salad and it was great. The falafel balls were amazing.

Hummus was on point. I loved the tomato omelette. It was fabulous. It was so flavorsome.

Next up, I tried the dip with lavash and accompaniments and it was like any other dip and bites.

The watermelon feta salad was also good. It was very fresh.

I loved the thai curry completely in all its terms. It was so perfect. The usage of lemon grass had uplifted the dish completely.I even liked the pesto risotto.

Ended it with tres leches. Personally I am less fond of milk cakes. But if you are fond of the same, then surely you must try it as its very fluffy and soft.

Overall, really liked the taste of the food. As after all post the ambience and presentation, what pulls one back to the place is the food. It is all about the food. Healthy delectable food is all what this café is about. Further coming to the price, it mid priced like any Italian joint.


Version 2.0 : Bombay Bronx at Breach Candy, Mumbai in its new avatar


Bombay Bronx has revamped itself . With quirky decors and adding Bombay feeling to it, this one of the favorite sobo places to chill and have a drink for the crowd. There are colorful chairs, Amitabh bachchan funky dialogue on a wall, huge jeep lying somewhere and ending with a flashy headlight themed bar

So usually I am not high about places which have Bombay style chaat food as I feel roadside is always better.

When they served me Bombay chakana, I was really impressed. The lotus stems sprayed with pepper, bhel, chips was all so yum.

Next up, I had the vegetarian platter. And I couldn’t complain. The baby corn was roasted nicely, also the mushroom was perfect.


Next up, had the cheese maggi which I found very okay. The truffle oil was overpowering.


The nachos was good. I mean it was normal.

The desserts had not yet started when I went there.

But one thing I really liked was my peach iced tea. I am not even joking but I gulped down three glasses. There was nothing unique but it was just a good refreshing iced tea.

Also the menu has picked up inspiration from various cuisines, they have thai curry, pizzas, indian fusions as well.

Overall liked the place for a chiller evening.


Hakuna Mimosa!

 It means “Brunch Time” . Sunday brunches are all about  “spoilt for choices” desserts while champagnes flow and mocktails welcome.  Pastas are tossed up and pizzas are baked; sushi is rolled and noodles are fried. There are giggles all over while everyone is content as there is a choice of cuisine for all. “

JW Cafe, coveted as one of the best brunches in Bombay is a summation of all this. Being Christmas, I feel the city has a different vibes with christmas tree decoration while eyes call you towards the ginger bread houses.
So as I entered the cafe, I was mesmerised as desserts greet you. The display of desserts drooled me. There were simple white props holding the desserts like a little elite cute tea party. From  cupcakes hanging to lollipops places, to the donut beautifully hung to chocolates placed. It was one of the widest spreads I have seen.
There was everything you could think of. Cakes – yes. Being christmas – Plum Cake yes, raisin cake yes. Being strawberry season, strawberry tarts- yes. , strawberry  short cake – yes. And not to forget the Indian sweets, motichoor ladoo, besan ladoo,  rasgullas. Coming back, I really loved the old fashioned dutch truffle. I know it is very classic but the richness of the chocolate really impressed me.
There was oreo cheesecake, raspberry meringues, fruit gateaux  to everything I could think of.
Whenever I sit down and write about brunches, it is a task and a dilemma as to what to write, how much in depth to write and how much to cover.
So I had decided that I wouldn’t eat main courses and save a lot of space for the desserts.
Then I see chaat cart. From kachoris to samosa to dahi bhalla to sev puri to paani puri, everything was present. Then I walk further to meet salads.
And oh they were exotic! From Greek salad to grape fruit with feta, there was quite a lot. Also cheeses and dry fruits on the other end.
Then I walk across the elaborate Indian section which contained everything from biryani to makke di roti. I was already full at watching so much food.
Then the frankie station says hello to me with spices laid and veggies to pick. Oh and did I not mention the tawa pulav? Yes . You stand there and they make it for you with your choice. And let me dedicate one line to the dedicated sushi counter.
They have a huge sushi live kitchen where they make it for you.
Also yes lets go Italiano with woodfire pizzas and variety of pasta. If thats not it, there is is also Thai to please your taste buds. And yes not to forget the yaki noodles and udon noodles and all of it.
Do you already feel its a lot of food?
Allow me to mention about feeling like a kid when you say ladens of baskin robbon icecream with a lot of toppings. Thats not it, there are tubs of candies lying for you as well. And then there is a dedicated waffle counter with a choice of spreads.
And then welcome the drinks. There is moet chandon embracing the place. A Christmas tree is made from the bottles and the glasses while mocktails are made and cocktails are churned.
While I attempted to taste by having one bite of each, I was impressed that there was barely any room for error.
So if you are thinking of a luxurious sunday affair, then this should be one of your pics

Siemens – Cooking up perfectly

Ingenuity for life creates perfect places.



As a trusted advisor and reliable partner, as a system integrator, service provider and a product vendor, Building Technologies Division from Siemens offers energy-efficient, safe and secure buildings and infrastructure. With our people, our global footprint, our decades of experience and our technical expertise, it’s our passion helping you to create the perfect place – your perfect place.


I attended The activity which was an X-mas special meet up for architects, customers & bloggers by Siemens home appliances.

It was a live baking session and get to know more about Siemens home appliances.
Being a working girl, I barely get time for cooking at home. And I always wonder how much of a mess will it be cooking everything up, all those utensils and yet not turning out well.

Further, I always shy away from baking as cakes cupcakes don’t turn out bakery style
When I came across their Siemens technology, I was impressed with what ease can things work better. The oven heats up so well while I can sit and relax. The non stick home appliances make it fuss free at siemens

As Siemens says,
Impressive technology. Fascinating design.
Siemens appliances make cooking and baking a pleasure. Their innovative technologies and convenient functions take work off your hands, and inspire you to create delicious dishes.

Siemens appliances also set new standards with their captivating design and high-end materials. See for yourself!

Embracing YOU at estella


You know the exuberant smile on your face when the wind just blows past & waves greet you; while the scintillating sunset drapes you in pink and purple. It was synonymous to that. Then you slurp onto your iced tea and & just do nothing . Yes do NOTHING. You just stand right there and let the beauty sink in while you pause and just BE. Yes BE and make that moment. Make a moment worth to look back on. That’s to sum up estella.


Estella is a beautiful elite place by the beach. You shall see people walking by the beach. While you just sit with your little candle lamp and soak into the soft music and hog onto the devouring food. It is very expensive but the food is great and view is worth it.


#TGJ TIP : Do reach at sharp 6pm due to early sunsets in winters. I missed it and repented.
I ordered an iced tea which I found really average.

Beginning with my food :

Smashed avocado and smoked jalapeño with pumpkin falafel and quinoa : I absolutely loved this dish . Everything just blended beautifully together.

Grilled polenta steaks : This was good too but less preferred

Mushroom Tofu quinoa Patties : This one was absolutely wonderful in all its ways

Cottage cheese kebab with Jong Kong sauce and aglio Olio noodles ! I really liked the flavours of this as they were strong and blended perfectly well !

Swiss chilly potato rosti – This was again a surprise in its own way and was great !! Loved how can such a strong smoky flavours

The dessert I tried was beautiful. The strawberry parfait is so consistent and delicate . The textures that the dish holds is commendable.

Coming next had the chocolate ganache mousse which is 3 layered and the strong to mild flavours compliment is surprisingly nice


Overall it was a scintillating sojourn with sea and sand . It is an expensive affair but it’s sometimes fun to indulge and experience