Reasonable Villas Near Mumbai

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Hi, what’s up! Staying at home due to COVID has gotten to us and a little social distancing break might just be good. However please exercise govt regulations and venture with your home members only or really small groups. All of them have discounts for longer stay than 7 days so check it out.

A. VISTA ROOMS : they have additional services like BBQ, Projector Movie and Meals. Meals is ₹1300 per person for non veg with breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner. The operation team is very responsive.

The rates are subjective to demand. Sometimes on the weekends the rates are super hiked. So this is approx and incl taxes. Also few of them have refundable deposit security which you receive at the end of the stay.

I did check Airbnb but the villas with super host aren’t well maintained. Saffron stays is a pretty expensive affair and most of the reasonable ones are sold out

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1. Vill I stayed : Pura Vida Villa : ₹15000 per night : 8 guests : has a pool : Modern Decor : Khandala : 1.5 hours away from Mumbai :

Very well furnished and spacious. The rooms are big. The caretaker is sweet

Pura Vida Villa, Khandala : Vista Rooms

2. El House : Lonavala : Beautiful decor, Pool, ₹25000 per night : Sleeps 12

3. Stone House : Nashik (it is a long drive so please do 3-4 nights) : This one is a steal deal and available in October. ₹9520 per night : NO POOL : 4.5 hours away from mumbai (Dadar)

It’s right by the lake and the view is beyond stunning

4. Alibaugh : ₹21000 per night : 5 bedrooms : sleeps 15 and this one is so beautiful ufff : Available in October weekdays

The G coast Villa, Alibaugh

5. Bungalow 89 : beautiful view, Lonavala : No pool : sleeps 9 has 3 bedrooms : ₹21000 per night

Bungalow 89

6. Villa Forresta : Lonavala : Sleeps 10/15 : ₹21000 per night : Has a Pool

7. Villa 52 : Lonavala : Pool : Sleeps 12 : 4 bedrooms: ₹21000 per night : don’t like the other villas around but good decor

8. El Lodge : Has a pool : ₹18000 per night : Lonavala : Available in October : sleeps 9 : 3 bedrooms

9. Casa Malbec : Nashik : ₹12000 per night : No pool but amazing view . Good decor . Sleeps 8 : 3 bedrooms

10. Santoni Farms, Karjat : ₹18000 per night, has 8 guests : has pool : 3 bedrooms

Pawna Lake

I went for a drive from Khandala to Pawna . If it is raining, please avoid as the roads are pathetic. The approach road is bumpy and hence please switch off your ac while driving and keep your gear either 1/2 constant. It takes 1.5 hours upwards and 45 mins downward.

I found a Pawna lakeside camping spot which was shut but the owner was outside. Paid him 200₹ for 4 people and we have literally chilled there for hours with nothing to do but soak in the breath taking the view.

A lot of parts of Pawna are commercial and I don’t like them due to crowd in general and considering pandemic, secluded places is a must.

I went there on a weekday morning and hence there was no crowd or security.

You can put on google maps “Pawna Lake Camping” and your will find many spots and you can spot at one after the permission of the owner and chill there. You can also do a little picnic.

Just swinging by the wind at Pawna

Please note the Tiger Point and Bushy dam is shut due to COVID and commercial areas too. We also heard on weekend Pawna was shut so please check and proceed.

Meals : we didn’t include any meals in our stay but packed a lot from here. Here are few ideas that you can make easy lunch / dinner. Sharing my list .

Best AirBnB in Mumbai / Bombay

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So AirBnB in Mumbai are not so well maintained / very outdated and there are only few rare good ones. So here is my compilation of the best Airbnb’s

1. Calvin hosts two studio apartments at Andheri in mumbai. Self check in & extremely sanitised. The approach road is not good but it’s a bungalow having private entrances and wouldn’t mind it at all.

This is where I stayed: Bedroom + Basic Pantry + Terrace. If it’s not raining, they have a hammock + tent in the open : ranges between ₹4500-5500

4 guests are allowed but I really doubt it can accommodate that many.

2. The second one is by Calvin too at Andheri only : :

around ₹3500 per night (no food included) and no terrace. It’s only a bedroom, small pantry and washroom.

3. : 2 nights Minimum : 5 mins walk from Juhu Beach, has a terrace. Total turns out to be 21500₹ . It is so beautiful. The interiors are beyond amazing : 2 guests

4. Next up are few apartments by The Bombay Home Company : it’s a group of people who do really nice homes around Bandra. It’s well sanitised. It was a cumulative search of good apartments when I realised that it’s all by this group. : ₹5044

5. : ₹5044

6. Again by the Bombay Home company : ₹5000 per night

7. : it’s for 8 guests : family apartment : ₹21886 per night : Bandra . They have the option of only choosing one room. Don’t do that as it’s bugging to have somebody in the next room plus safety reasons. READ CAREFULLY : does it say private apartment or private room.

8. 8 guests , 3 beds, 3 bathrooms : ₹10,569 for a night

9. : 4894₹ : 4 guests but one bedroom and have a hall

10. : 2 guests, 1 bed 1 bathroom

11. 4 guests , 2 beds 2 bathrooms : a little tacky for my taste but good price

12. Few apartments in mumbai have a minimum 14 night stays jazz. So please check properly. This one is for ₹46775 for 14 nights : 2 guests

The rates are subject to change as per days , weekends and demands

Please read properly and read the reviews . They are suggestions. We are not responsible for any choices.

Please contact / email your host before reserving and asking doubts . You can do it via the app. Ask about COVID etc. Ask about your doubts and everything. Read the refund policy very carefully.

Filter : super host, entire place to yourself , the amenities and area while choosing an Airbnb. Pictures can be deceptive sometimes

Do not encourage travel due to COVID. We do not promote it as well. It is only because of home circumstances/ long impending work you may do it. Please follow all government guidelines.

Like an APPLE PIE | Easiest Best and Quick

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Did Baklava as Part 1 : Video Recipe :

and Now apple Pie Part 2 : Video Recipe :

Leave fashion therapy, try food therapy. Using the same ingredient, multiple ways. Since we are quarantined, & don’t have many ingredients. Further we are bored to take extra efforts. Hence I have curated recipes which taste alike with substitutes , require minimal effort. The texture and taste is the same.

Serves 2 :

You will need 2 apples

Brown Sugar 75 grams

White sugar 25 grams

Butter 75 grams grams

Khari Biscuit or Pie crust

Corn flour powder 20 grams

Cinnamon powder (To taste)

1/4 lemon 🍋

For the apple caramel sauce : Trust me I don’t praise myself much but this one was BOMB .

On the stove (always low flame) and ALWAYS KEEP STIRRING or will stick.

In a vessel:

Step 1 : Add all butter , and apples and brown sugar & cinnamon powder. Stir all continuously. Enjoy the smell.

Step 2 : Turn of the gas. Sieve your juice into the bowl.

Step 3 : Keep your apples on the stove , add corn flour and little lime to pull all the juice. Add your apples are ready . Pour them in bowl and keep them ready.

Step 4 : Take your sauce what you had set aside earlier and put it on the stove again. Very low flame and keep stirring till it thickens into beautiful caramel. Now keep little aside and mix the rest sauce with your apples.

Step 5 : take your khari biscuits and layer it up with apples and then your put it in the oven for 2 mins at 100 degrees.

Step 6 : it will be ready . Pour some sauce over it. And consumer immediately.

Since we have used khari biscuits, they turn soggy. So consume immediately.

Easy Quick Baklava Hack with Home ingredients

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So I like easy quick cooking that has accessible ingredients. So this is my take on Baklava.

You can view the video recipe here : step by step :

You will need:


100 ml water


1 TBSP Lemon water

1 TBSP Rose water

Nuts (walnut almond pistachio) and cinnamon powder

Khari biscuits

Melted butter

Step 1 : For the syrup : In a vessel take the sugar , add water, then honey then lemon water then rose water and keep it low flame till it boils

Step 2 : Grind your nuts with some cinnamon powder

Step 3 : Slice Khari Biscuits

Step 4 : take an oven vessel. Grease butter. Place Khari biscuits. Put nuts. Repeat the process again (3 times)

Step 5 : Keep it in the oven @120 degrees for one minute.

Step 6: immediately pour the syrup

Step 7 : Garnish nuts

Step 8 : enjoy ! Also save some syrup for the future as Khari biscuit absorbs it quickly. So incase you refrigerate it, then add a bit of syrup while eating so it’s moist.

Finish !!

Chole Bhature Recipe Restaurant Style

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It’s exactly like in restaurants ! Guess the secret ingredients . You can watch the whole video below :

Overnight keep your chole in the water. In the morning :

1. For your chole : Boil it with water and some tea tied in a cloth bag properly to ensure no leakage of tea and just the color seeps in.

2. For your chole purée : Oil, Ghee, jeera, Hing, Tamal Patra : Take it all in a vessel. Then you can add your garlic ginger onion purée.

3. Let it cook till oil separates

4. Then add some garam masala and cream

5. Mix it all together and then add some jeera powder and salt .

6. Let it be on the stove for 5 mins

7. Then add chole along with the water

8. Keep it on the stove for 10 mins

1. And then add butter

For bhature :

1. Maida most

2. Rawa 1.5 TBSP

3. ADD baking powder in curd and add that to aata (avoidable but then it won’t be so fluffy)

4. Further use some oil

5. Grate a boiled potato for the thickness

6. Tie the dough , ensure it’s a bit hard unlike roti dough

7. Warm the oil up till you see bubbles

8. Put in your dough circle ⭕️

9. Enjoy

Mug Cake in 10 minutes | Easy Quick Desserts | Chocolate

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See ingredient substitutes below :

This is your easy mug cake. It is so soft, chocolatey and delicious.

You will need :

5 TBSP : Flour

Cocoa powder / Hersheys

Vanilla essence (avoidable)

Nutella (avoidable) , try chocolate slab melting to make a sauce then By adding a drop of milk or butter and microwave it for 30 secs for sauce.

5 TBSP milk

1 TSP Baking powder

1.5 TSP butter


Mix all your dry ingredients with fork, then add your wet ingredients and then mix it all and microwave for 3.5 mins!


You can make it espresso cake by adding a bit of coffee


I didn’t add sugar as Nutella makes it sweet


Do check your cake by taking a tooth pick if it comes clean


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For your Shrikhand/Yoghurt:

Since it’s summer, one night put 1/4TSP Buttermilk in your milk for it to form curd the next day.

1. Then take all your curd in a huge sieve kind vessel and tie it up with a cloth, keep another vessel below that for the excess water to seep in. Keep it overnight in the fridge.

2. You will have a smoother mixture.

2A : For Traditional Indian Shrikhand : Add castor sugar as per your sweetness. Roast your saffron with some milk, add powdered nuts and Elaichi powder into your mixture.

2B : For your Greek Fruit yoghurt style : Add fresh cut fruits like strawberry / mango / blueberry or even orange and mix it well with your curd mixture and add sugar. You can also use some compote or little juice for a better color.

3. If you want it smoother or thinner, add little milk and hand grind it. (note hand grind for barely seconds or else the mixture will be too thin)

For your puris:

We make only wheat ones. Tie the flour with some oil and then keep adding water gradually.

Make small circles and then deep fry it into the oil on medium flame.


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You can use Betty Crocker pancake mix or

You will need :

2 cup maida / refined flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda (you need this for it to be fluffy)
pinch of salt
2 tbsp butter, melted
1½ cup milk
Chocolate chips

Maple syrup / Nutella for serving


• firstly, in a large mixing bowl take 2 cups maida. you can alternatively use wheat flour / atta for a healthy option.

• also add 2 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp baking powder, ½ tsp baking soda and a pinch of salt.

• mix well combining all the dry ingredients well.

• further add 2 tbsp melted butter, 1 cup milk and combine well with the whisk.

• additionally, add ½ cup more milk and make smooth flowing consistency batter.

• heat a nonstick pan and grease with butter. pour a ladleful of prepared pancake batter.

• simmer and cook for 2 minutes or until bubbles appear on the surface.

• flip over the pancakes and simmer for 1-2 minutes or until cooked through.

• finally, serve eggless pancake with some Nutella

*You can use buttermilk instead of the milk

Valentine’s Day Things to do / Ideas / Datenight / Vacation / Romance / Mumbai / Pune / Romantic places

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#LIST : VALENTINES day : Singles & Couples : (p.s totally for celebrating love everyday so errrr)


Will be listing down from hard core romantics to not so romantics :


1. Koyla, Colaba : Love the fairy light setting and candles on every table. The food is amazing. (North Indian and Chinese)

2. Dome, Intercontinental : Very cliche, romantic cute.

3. Gallops, Mahalaxmi : Al fresco setting is amazing

4. Aer and Asilo are extremely hyped and blah so give it a miss.

4. Bay view cafe : rooftop and reasonable

5. Goose and Gridon : (outdoor seating and for the ones who are on a budget, there is gold and also variety of cuisines incase you both have different tastes)

6. Keiba, Mahalaxmi

7. Queens 🚤: A ferry Ride from Gateway to the restaurant and enjoy the view

5. Bandra has :

A. Verandah : old classic, candle light

B. Pali Bhavan : great punjabi food but expensive

C. Su Casa (outer section is better and now they serve hookah)

D. Salt Water Cafe (rooftop section only)

E. Tanjore Tiffin room, Bandra and Versova : Lovely South Indian food with great vibe.

F. Healthy lover? Then head to Sante Spa and cuisine or Seeds of life

G. Ab celestial (5000₹ minimum cover)

H. Good Wife has a beautiful set up always

I. Olive : Expensive but cute

Juhu / Andheri :

A. Fable cafe,

B. Butler and Bayleaf,

C. Estella,

D. Cecconis at the soho house

(Gada da Vida is not my favorite so a miss)

E. The Terrace

F. 1bhk

Powai :


Sassy spoon


5. Don’t care so much about ambience, but want to stick to classics or for “its complicated” : stick to great food like 145, yauatcha, Nara Thai, Ishaara, Bayroute, Hotel shanghai , foo, izumi, pizza express

Singles, don’t want to get irked out by couples?

It’s a Friday night. Just go dancing

1. Younion

2. Derby

3. Mitron (Bandra , Fort, Andheri)

4. DragonFly

5. Socials

6. Jlwa

For ones who like it different:

1. Pratap Dhabha : Versova (want to do a drive and feel all Punjabi, go here)

2. Bounce , Malad (It is a play park where you can chill)

3. Pvr gold movie (recliner 💺)& 🍿

4. Food walk (try different places) & hop around

5. Couple spa

6. Pets & more at Bandra

7. Swimming (go on, they have experiences) or also has

8. Stand up Comedy / Watch a play (go to bookmyshow)

9. Camping 🏕 (the weekend is coming) : Pawna Lake camping (mmt) , Forest Hills Tala, Moonstone

10. Snuggle at home, put some fairy lights and good music

11. Do a board game ♟ night, get the UNO on!

12. Go for a cooking class together (Flavour diaries / Food hall both have)

13. Just take her shopping maybe to stationary shop like miniso or food hall if food lover or itsy bitsy craft or hamleys

14. Or best, do online shopping at home (nykaa, shein, Myntra, Amazon. Ufff)

For the ones who like exquisite food, which is very unusual and different and only few people like it but is fancy.

1. Souffle sil vous plate, Churchgate

2. Slink & Bardot, Worli

Are you the staycation kind?

Tip: 15,16 Feb has sky rocketing prices so give it a miss but nevertheless

Cheaper Options:

1. Trekking

2. If you want a room, now zostel has cheaper private rooms like Panchgini, Etc

3. JV cottage, Mulshi (overlooking the Mulshi lake

4. Airbnb it

5. Resort, Malad

Luxury options: (avoiding the cliche Hilton, Amanzi, Anchaviyo)

1. Oxford Golf resort (feel so blah for letting the cat out the bag)

2. The Green Gate Resort (you can thank me For finding this)

3. Fazlani Nature’s Nest

4. Fort Jadhavgarh

5. Utropicana, Alibagh

6. Five stars in Pune (cheaper, + benefit of city partying life)

Chuck all this, how about booking flights and taking a sick leave on Monday and just go for the GOA trip that you have been wanting to go.

HOTEL SHANG HIGH, your new favourite asian in Kamala Mills , Mumbai, India

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You step into the place and you get a feel of being in a Chinese joint. So let’s talk about my favorite part that they have made it affordable.

Recommends : Turnip Cake, Cheung FUNG, Mapo Tofu, Matcha Tiramisu

Price : ₹2000 for two excluding alcohol

USP : They have spectacular asian food and high energy performances post 9.30pm

Advice : Reservation will be great

Where : Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai (in the earlier place of Kode)

Mention and Thanks : The warm staff and Manager

Let’s see what we tried

Suan La Tang ₹245

Wonton with hot and sour soup 🥣 It was absolutely fab.

Crispy cheung dung with crunchy vegetable ₹260

It’s spectacular. I love love love it.

Yam and red bean puff ₹285

This wasn’t the best.

Classic edamame truffle dumpling ₹285

This is such a classic and was on point.

Pok Choy and Shiitake dumpling ₹285

It’s another classic combo and was made perfectly.

Vegetable noodles : Simple and went so well with my curry

Blue fried rice for ₹260

I really liked the taste.

Mapo Tofu ₹295 (Chilli Bean Sauce)

I just love the spices used in this curry 🍛 and everything together tastes MAMAMIA. This is a MUST HAVE.

Eight treasure vegetable, Mala Sauce ₹295

Vegetables in sichuan sauce. It’s lovely and refreshing.

While chocolate brownie ₹425 (was too full to try it but saw the other tables gorging onto it.

Matcha delight : tiramisu the matcha way ₹415

I loved this as well. That tinge of coffee cream tingling your taste buds and spray of matcha lingering is so perfect.

They have special cocktail menu at ₹495 each. I had the hibiscus one.

Overall we had such a good time that I am going to keep going again and again.

YOUNION, a buzz amongst youngsters and the newest party place

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Younion, Kamala mills, Lower Parel

What kind of place : Party and Drinks

Only 18+ years allowed

Reservations recommended (way in advance)

Speciality : Their cocktails are a big hit

Cost for two : ₹2500 for two

So let’s get started with what we tried :

1. Channa koliwada, roasted garlic, curry leaves : Crispy and nice start !

2. Stir fried broccoli, water chestnuts : I love broccoli and the combination of chestnuts is always a good addition.

3. Shiitake Momo : Mushrooms and Momos and that sauce is something you can’t ever hate. But only love.

4. Garlic Cheese, chilly flat bread : Again classic yet love it.

5. Bunny chow : Classic and good

6. Iranian berry pulao : Takes you back into Parsi memory lane and loved you (we were too full to try)

7. Zunka bhakar : The classic Marathi dish revamped.

8. Indonesian nasi goring : it is an Indonesian dish with their style curry 🍛

9. Caramel cheese cake : I heard as their recommendation but was too full

10. Nariyal paani panacotta : I am surprised why haven’t I eaten this before. It’s the tender coconut 🌴 in the form of panacotta .

Drinks : I know you were waiting for this’

We tried 2 Shot sampler trays (6 shots each) and every one was different and so yum.

We tried the following cocktails 🍸:

Cinder freaking rella

Which had vodka and loved it

Also had the skulls which had whiskey 🥃 and all things good

And shots tray which had Vanilla

Black current vodka



Southern smile


The place gets crazily buzzing on weekends and is a party dance floor.

The staff is sweet.

For non vegetarians the following is recommended : (Haven’t tried but friends who eat have listed)

KETO Chipotle chicken bowl, tenderloin burger, chicken momos , Panko fried mussels , Chicken Chilly.

Do tag us on @theglocaljournal if you happen to go their on Instagram or write to us for feedback !

Your Guide for Street Food at Matunga,Mumbai

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Street food is something which appeals to all as it’s tasty and it is absolutely cheap.

Let’s get to business and coming straight down to my detailed list (P.S not doing South Indian food as that deserves another blog)

The Ruia College / Podar Area :

1. Mamaji (gps/ Swiggy / Zomato / Uber eats) Paytm Accepted (from 11am onwards)

Their sandwiches are to die for. Mamaji special filled with cheese and paneer is wow. Even their frankie is great for Rs20. Also what is fab is their panini. It is love.

Only on weekdays : 1. Saee Juice : (Have their superb fresh lime juice for 20₹ or cold coffee for ₹50)

Location for below (2,3) : Footpath Opposite Podar College, Matunga East 400019

2. Subhash Sandwich : Podar’s favorite : Eat some yummy sandwiches (11am onwards)

3. Pasta Centre : It’s like the WTC zone filled with cheese. (Afternoon/ evening)

4. Momos (Location : Ghanshyam Sports) : Food Van (5pm onwards) He has amazing momos. Oh god ! And that red chutney is fab.

5. Snow point : It has fab Indian Chinese food. The manchurian is fab. What I really love is the crazy cold drinks available including energee and all your ice creams too.

Station Side (Location : Chheda Dry Fruits, Matunga)

1. Gupta Chat Centre : Featured in Bombay times as the Bhel King, I love his bhel, sev Puri and also pav Bhaji. Sev Puri for ₹40

2. Softy Icecream : Rama Nayak Udupi (besides Gupta / Station ) : Have a chocolate softy for Rs20

3. Pankaj Pani Puri (Besides Chheda) : They have grilled sandwich which is good too but expensive. Their Pani Puri is fab though for ₹30

4. Paan : If you like paan, then he makes the most amazing meetha paan (besides Chheda) : 12pm onwards

5. Walk further and put (West View Shop , Matunga on the maps) : There is fabulous roll guy. His name is Sameer. (5pm onwards on weekends and weekdays 7pm onwards) Have the paneer babycorn mushroom roll for 80₹.

6. Who likes Mukhwaas ? There is a superb guy who sits with a box near west view and you have to have that.

7. Pankaj Soda and Gola : Are you a fan of Soda? Then this one is for you. Also they use bisleri water so it’s safe.

8. There is a sandwich guy again and his masala aloo sandwich is really amazing. (again west view shop as location : 4pm onwards)

9. Matunga Dabeli : (put this and you will find on gps) and have the butter Dabeli Rs 20 or cheese garlic pav (spicy) : 1.30 pm onwards . It’s also on Swiggy and Uber eats.

King Circle Area :

King circle is thriving with franchises to naturals , 99 pancakes, Theo broma and fries.

Listing down the below (Open after 7.30-8 pm only)

1. Pav Bhaji (Outside Theobroma matunga) I like him more than the chatai pav Bhaji . Rs 100. Have the fabulous biryani / pulav too.

2. Khichya Papad (Put Garden fresh as location) . Have the fabulous cheese masala papad and you will love it for ₹70.

3. Kulfi : there is kulfi guy right again outside garden fresh and makes fabulous stuff.

4. Chattai Pav Bhaji

5. Shree Krishna Frankie : Another favorite amongst college goers is this orange noodle potato frankie for ₹20

6. Rahuls Roll (Available on Swiggy , and gps) : from noon onwards : The Indian pizza is great and so is the Maggi.

7. Another Amazing Kulfi Rabdi with full sev is near Amar Petrol Pump, Matunga . It’s a little aarey shop.

Other side of the matunga station :

1. Vada Pav : He is very famous for the Vada Pav. Outside Shree sunders.

2. Late night : 9.30-11pm Anna Coffee

Put location : Giri Stores.

You will see too many people having nice cycle coffee, idli and chilling.

3. Opposite Giri Stores , you will see Mewad Truck. Again that has fab falooda for the price they offer.

^PLEASE COMMENT / share / let us know what more would you like .


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SOBO just got an all new party place and it’s all things good.

Friday night : Live Music

Saturday night : Bollywood Music DJ

Other nights : Board games (₹200 per person)

Cuisine : Mix

Cost : ₹2000 including drinks

Alcohol : Reasonable (Beer kingfisher ₹225)

Service charge : 10%

Type : Party , Music, Happening dinners

Recommends : Ramen Bowl 🍲, Sliders 🍔

Where : Mahalaxmi Racecourse

We loved the vibe and DJ was such a chilled guy. We started The Chakna bento box which was papad and chutney and had Iski Uski cocktail : rum based . Loved it totally.

We were less fond of the flat breads

Next we ate Thai chilli potatoes and had a blast eating them.

The paneer burger is again fab. The portions are small and so are the prices.

We had a fab time doing it all.

We vibed with the music.

We ate ramen bowl for mains and loved it. The soup was on point with the spices.

Also they have biryani and schezwan rice.

For desserts they had,

chocolate jalapeno fudge

Trio of yoghurt mousse : Raspberrh , Burnt Tangerjne , Saffron pistachio Rs 285

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookie Rs 350 (We tried this , however more chocolate chips would have been better with some Nutella or sauce )

Overall, we had a great time.

We are heading back again for a party night super soon!

You don’t want to miss out

Splurge on Savings

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Well! Welcome to the most relatable paradox.

I love splurging. Well who doesn’t! Living life king size. And seeing Kylie Jenner, such a boss babe as she is, who doesn’t.

But LIFE GIVES YOU A 💥 and you are greeted by your bank balance. UFFFFF.

So let me tell you something, some part of savings just is that emergency exit which you never know you will need.

Maybe for an impromptu trip with your friends or to gift your special one something extra or that crazy bag which you wanted always or just ANYTHING.

So let’s start with tips !


Just have a rough idea on how the estimates of your finance will be. Eg you know this is the month of birthdays then have that in mind. This is the month your exams are on so expense will be less be Swiggy will be more. Have a rough idea.

2. Download this app now : Finance Manager (There are other apps as well but I loved this one) you exactly know where you are spending and which mode from paytm to card

3. Keep feeding in (it takes lesser time than a text) even if it is 100₹ or so, feed it.

4. They have charts like this which will help you just know where is your spending.

5. You are WORTH IT!

Many times outfits are so beautiful. And this SALE which is now everyday online seems like the biggest marketing gimmick. But what to do? They take over our guilt and we end up doing “Add to Cart” and then comes a popper “Deal of 10% discount so BUY NOW” .

But before all of this, do a simple thing.


Do you NEED THIS or just WANT THIS?

As Many times you end up Ordering and then feel like oh I had this and it’s similar or maybe.

Or when you are shopping, is it really worth it?

As sometimes the brand value is not as much as your money is.

Maybe , you will find cheaper options in the same quality and pattern.

6. Keep a tab. Periodically check your expenses. As when you start recording, it actually hits you.

It’s damn easy. You automatically start cutting down on that 10 minute walk which you are too lazy to and end up taking a cab fare.

7. Think of what you want to do. You know why do people do something because there is always a REWARD.

Now think if you save what can be the REWARD.

Like buying a damn camera. Or buying new AirPods or maybe a vacation or something bigger. Having that little saving for your future house/car. When you have a reward in mind, automatically you will mentally start cutting down.

How to increase the savings will be in the next blog!

What’s up? Figuring out life. Unsure,Confused, I DON’T KNOW

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Hi5 ! You feel me? I am you and you are me. The age of 20s was supposedly to be so sorted. Lucky are those, who exactly know what they want to and it is even viable to do that.

But some of us here have a degree 📜

1. and maybe don’t want to do that

2. and maybe our hobby isn’t feasible for a living

3. and sometimes we want to do that but don’t find that job

4. And maybe we just don’t want to anything but the guilt of wasting time and seeing people around makes us feels useless or unaccomplished or back at the rat race

5. and maybe sometimes we want to do what our parents don’t want us to do

6. and maybe we want to do something but just DON’T KNOW “WHAT” is that something.

7. And everything seems to be not working and you are just so lost.

How crazily do you feel me?

Well, I am with you and one of you.

It is the exact moment when even the Uber driver cancels on you and ever kali peeli cab rejects you and even the dresses don’t fit you or are unavailable in your size.

It is that moment when everything suddenly just seems to not work.

The market is down. There are very few jobs and those jobs don’t please you yet you apply and still don’t get call backs or you are rejected 🙅‍♀️ And more than ANYTHING, you are questioning yourself every now and then, “Why am I even applying here or why am I even doing this or am I even doing the right thing or what should I do”

The struggle is REAL.

So let me tell you what I discovered.

1. Every human being has their phases and it doesn’t mean if others have it sorted, you have to.

2. Do NOT LET the rat race dictate you what you have to be.

3. It is OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK. The recruiters will question you and the best come back was I just had to be sure to nail this job instead of just taking it up for the sake of it.

4. Do not be depressed by Instagram feed of others doing so well or the endless LinkedIn notifications. Tell yourself “Everyone has their own path.”

5. Freaking do what you have been wanting to do. Join that gym membership. Join the dance class. Do what you love

6. Do not FEEL GUILTY of wasting time. It’s fine, you deserve a break.

7. Write down the pros and cons, read reviews of people doing something in that field, connect with them on LinkedIn. It will help you develop a clearer picture

8. And if you feel your vacation is beyond vacation, and you still haven’t figured where exactly you want to work or what you want to do, look up onto coursera (there are lot of certificate courses and could define your break) or Harvard business school online.

9. DO NOT DO HERD MENTALITY. Look at the books before getting into a course.

10. Do the Goal – Action way. First set your goal, then think what you need to do to get there, then build the blocks, then set a time frame, then start working. First research then work.

11. And lastly, it is okay to feel what you are feeling and have break downs and feel angry, useless specially when you talk to people who are doing so amazing and especially when you see your phone screen time upto 10 hours and have no idea what you have been doing. IT IS OKAY.

12. Write down your confusion. Sometimes on writing down it just makes it less complicated. Then look up solutions online to build your skills up so that you can get the job or understand

13.Own up to it like a boss! Yes I am taking a break and doing nothing and I am fine with it. I have been just hustling and buzzing.

14. Take a vacation. It solves everything hahaha ! Change of environment

15. Shut the damn phone so you STOP COMPARING . Your graph isn’t determined by others. You are WHAT you are and love yourself, praise yourself and work on yourself but remember,

“it’s okay to be confused and lost now and to do nothing now as maybe 5 years down the line you will be in a way better place and probably miss the little break that you had.” It is okay.

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Tips to find a GREAT VILLA ON AIRBNB in India!

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I am letting down so many secrets. ARGH! My friends will literally disown me, I feel as they loved how I found the properties and didn’t tell the place lmao :p

So lets just agree on this, Airbnb villas (barring goa, north east and a bit of south like Pondicherry, Offbeat kerala) are a bit old fashioned and run down, and also how to find a great one.

1. SUPER HOST. I am usually surprised that many don’t know it. It’s a must. Many a times we need services and for that a good host is ESSENTIAL. A super host is pro-active.

2. Use filters and please scroll down, you can go as detailed as pools and smoke detectors. Use the budget filter too (please keep a buffer for taxes and service fee)

3. READ the cancellation policy and BROWSE through the terms.

4. Watch all the photos and go until the end.

5. STAR MARK this : Read reviews, Read reviews. The ones who have visited are the real ones.

6. Check proximity : Airbnb villas are really far and lonely too

7. Last one, “see how many are eyeing this”, it also gives you a feel.

That’s it folks! Short and simple! If you find some great ones, hit me up with the links PLEASE!

*the pictures are from Airbnb’s website. All copyrights to them.

Hidden gem near Mumbai, shhhhh not revealing this treasure!

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Endless research, scanning through 10 websites landed me up on this and WOWOOWOWOWOW! Usually on Airbnb in India specially Mumbai and Lonavala, the furniture and spaces are a bit run down/ old fashioned.

When I stumbled upon this gem, it felt such a victory as it was everything what I wanted.

1. Great interiors

2. BEST BEST VIEW and specially in the monsoons, this is WOW!

3. Offbeat and private

4. Great Reviews and Good host.

It is really far from Mumbai. Consider it to be 5 hours and the road from Pune to Lavassa is steap. But oh when you reach here, its SO amazing. The interiors are BANG on that make you feel you are in a tree house. Glass balconies and well maintained, clean bedrooms. The view is spectacular. You feel so fresh. There is a bit of leakage but its in every villa due to monsoon.

Cost : Rs 15000 exclusive of food per night.

Here is the link :

The kitchen is well maintained and you can cook if you plan to. But they charge for everything that you use. Well charged me 100Rs for a simple butter which was two spoons used. You can order in food from delivery joints.

The space is so airy, open and well made that makes you feel great instantly.

Lets keep to the sad part. The caretaker Anil saw us youngsters and tried to fool us. He even complained about one towel lying down the floor. He gave us 45 minutes lecture on how to keep the house. And we were the one of the great guests who kept it all clean but a little bit we expect as we are paying.

Lets talk about the next incident. He raged that he had to clean the house post a party tonight and pick a bottle and while that he hurt him and then whined for another half an hour asking us for 700Rs for that one cut. So basically he doesn’t want us to do anything, then he lied about guests coming at 10am and we had barely slept so he woke us up. Then he refused to give the gate pass and when he did, he called everyone (7 members on their personal calls including the driver).

He also questioned personal details that who are we going to meet and he raised his voice thinking what will 24 year olds do. He again lectured. He wasted our 4 hours and spoilt our mood. If that was not enough, his only motto was to extract more money through tips and whatever service he did (please don’t use his service, for small portions of poha, he charged 400 rs)

But ignoring HIM, it is ONE OF THE BEST villas, I have visited many 5stars but this is GOLD.

Eggless Cookie Cake | Nutella Pizzookie | Pizza Cookie | Chocolate Chip Cookie

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For your eggless Nutella pizzookie :

Wet Ingredients:

½ cup butter, at room temperature (Amul)

1/2 cup brown sugar & 1/2 cup white sugar

⅓ cup sweetened condensed milk / Hung Yoghurt / Normal Yoghurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup milk for combining

Dry :

1 + ½ cups flour

2 tsp cornstarch for chewier cookies , if crunchy then skip it !

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

Garnishing :

Chocolate Chips / Chunks

Nutella Plain or Cream + Nutella


1. Pre-heat your oven to 170C

2. beat butter & sugar until it is fluffy for 5 mins.

3. Add in vanilla essence and milk.

4. In a separate bowl, mix dry ingredients

5. Add the dry ingredients to the butter milk mixture and mix until blended.

6. Add condensed milk / milk / yoghurt and combine well

7. It should be creamy

8. Spread on a non stick pan . Since I didn’t have. I used a container.

9. Layer up the dough then the Nutella (microwave your Nutella for 30 secs so it spreads or cream with Nutella and melt it) then put the dough again

Layer it up on a pan

10. Ensure that the Nutella doesn’t spread to the edges or will ooze out. Also cover the dough properly

11. Add chocolate chunks on top

12. Keep it for 15-20 mins and until golden and crispy. Don’t worry the inside will still Cooke after you shut the oven.

13. Enjoy with a dollop of icecream

14. I look my cookie chewy and cakey on the inside hence and crispy on the outside. Corn flour, yoghurt and condensed milk really helps int that.

15. You can skip all if you want it crispy and only do with milk

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